Saturday, September 5, 2015

Audience is not amused (but why do you try to perform for demons?)

Last Thursday I played a couple of Mordheim games.

Well, one real game. The other one... well.

Let's talk about that.

My Carnival of Chaos (rating 195) was against Possessed warband with disturbing Warband rating of 270+

Well, at least that meant +3 additional experience for my clowns... if they only survived. But of course they would, because I had my beautifully converted Plague Cart on the board.

Scenario was Hidden Treasure, where you find the treasure if you roll double sixes when you enter a building. If there is only one building left to search, treasure is automatically there.

Carnival got to start the game, and one of my Movement 4 heroes with Sprint entered one building on turn 1. And double sixes. Treasure was found. Oh my.

Possessed had one Hero who was able to Sprint 15", and once it stopped the advance of my treasure haulers by being close enough to deny running.

I tried to snatch one extra kill for my warband by charging the hero with my jester and two Nurglings. But this bit me back, when the Possessed hero in question tore the clown apart. Well... even more apart than it was before. Reinforcements who arrived then aided in killing the Nurglings also, but really. Game was over right next turn when I carried the treasure off from my table edge.

I guess it was a nice surprise that there was, in fact, a little game in there after all. Just running into building and pretty much instantly winning would have felt pretty bad. The jester got smashed leg and needed to miss next turn. And we did play another game.

Carnival found only five shards of wyrdstone.

Flail wielding brute upgraded his weapon finally for Ithilmar 2-handed weapon, which might have been a ridiculous thing to do since their base Initiative is only two. Same guy also got a new skill, which was Resilient.

Second brute got third wound.

Jester got a third skill, which I seem to have not picked yet. Let's make it official here, then. Jump up goes for the Jester. Seems somehow fitting for such a character.

Last Tainted One (the one who found the treasure" got two 'level ups', and gained +1 Wound and +1 Str. Nice, I guess, but this performer has Weapon Skill 2 from previous injuries.

Brethren Hero got a point of Ballistic Skill, getting him to respectable value of BS 6.

Brethren henchman rolled for WS/BS, and I took Weapon Skill.

My warband rating jumped to some 220ish.

Game 2:

Next scenario was Breakthrough, or something like that. Possessed objective was, anyway. to get two models within 2" of my table edge. This game was a bit more interesting than the last one, though I the Possessed were still so very damn threatening that I sorely missed my Jester.

Oh well.

My ranged weapons were completely useless during whole damn game. And I did use them quite a bit. And I did have Quick Shooting BS 5 carnival master, BS 4 brethren and BS 6 brethren hero trying to shoot, plus one or two Breath of Corruption shots that were made during play. Not a single wound was inflicted.

However, the BS6 Brethren Hero didn't get to fire too many times, as the enemy leader model ran to balcony fairly close to the Hero, and cast a spell that instantly stunned him.

A huge brawl broke loose in the graveyard in the middle. Three Nurglings of mine, the 2-H weapon brute, the WS 2 Tainted hero and brethren henchman were involved from my side, plus whatever carnival master and the brethren hero were able to contribute with ranged weapons. This was fairly entertaining fight. See that half-painted Nurgling with a yellow hat in the middle, close to the brute? If you do, that's enough for now.

Here I must say that Cloud of Flies is a wonderful skill. Turn after turn the Possessed launched devastating charges against that one tiny Nurgling and the brute. Well, of course they charged the two other Nurglings, too, but they died fairly quickly. But these two impenetrable bastions... I'm impressed with their performance. Now. If they only would have fared as well in dealing damage, that might have been enough to demoralize the Possessed. Brute did score random kills here and there, but they were against Henchmen only and not the true threat - acid blooded Hero.

Honourable mentions goes for the Weapon Skill 2 Tainted Hero. I don't remember who or what charged him, but it got skewered right away.

Fighting had also started on the right side of the board, where the Plague Bearer scored all the kills, and not my brute with the shiny beautiful new Ithilmar 2-handed weapon.

I had finally caused enough casualties for enemy to take Rout tests. I had lost two or three Nurglings, most of my still standing heroes were at 1 wound remainings, and I had lost the Brethren hero.

Opponent passed the Rout test, and final turn went badly for me. The Incredible Nurgling who had soaked most of the attacks in the middle died, and as a result the brute in the middle went down, too.

Once my next turn started I deemed my situation too grave, and rout voluntarily. There wasn't so much a WS2 hero could do against six or so possessed.

Two of the Nurglings were banished back to the realm of Chaos, and brute with 2-handed weapon took old battle wound. Brethren Hero took an arm wound, so his role win the team wouldn't be questioned, like, at all... ever. Ws 2, Bs 6.

Carnival Master gained an extra wound. The ithilmar wielding brute purchased a tarot deck for his enjoyment. Why him? Because of Ld 9 he had been "lucky" enough to build up during games...

Ws 2 Tainted Hero rolled for either Weapon skill or Ballistic skill, and I chose Ws. Three is almost like a four when you are able to combine it with Cloud of Flies.

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