Sunday, September 27, 2015

A new generation of circus folk

I guess I have a little bit more pressing matters to write here, but I was so happy when I had finished these new performers for Mordheim's Carnival of Chaos that I had to sneak in a painting update.

All of the three guys have mostly just been basecoated and dipped into Army Painter quickshade except for the big guys torch.

The torch bearer will act as Plague Bearer. It is Plague Sorcerer model from Avatars of War.

The pink one will become the Brethren Hero, and he is King Pulcinella model from Carnevale.

In the picture it doesn't look like there's water effect in the Nurgling's base at all, and somehow it dried to bubble-free that it's hard to notice with bare eyes, too. Ah well. At least I finally got to use that water effect I bought from Ropecon... what... four years ago?

To the second picture I added henchmen I had finished some time earlier. They're Carnevale models too... Worshippers or Acolytes of Dagon or something like that.

Well. That's all.

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