Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gorman oiling tall, muscular pirates

Last Thursday I played a 35 point game of Warmachine.

By then I knew for sure that I wouldn't be playing in an upcoming tournament that weekend, so I really didn't know what to play.

And because I didn't know what to play, I wanted to test Black Ogruns yet again. I didn't feel that bad for picking Wraith Witch Deneghra because after all opponent would be going to a tournament... it would be essential practice for him. And I got the Black Ogrun there.

Then we unpacked our models and I noticed that I had no need to feel guilty about my warcaster of choice. I was against Haley2. Uh oh. That came as a real surprise as I had thought this player had sold all of his Cygnar.

... and my GPU from my older laptop just wrecked itself. That means this write-up has to be endured without pictures, since they were on the old computer and of course I have already cleaned camera's memory card.

My list:

Wraith Witch Deneghra
- 2x Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Black Ogruns
Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius
- Leviathan
Pistol Wraith
Ogrun Bokur (client Deneghra)
Warwitch Siren

Opponent had:

Haley2 the Haley2
- Stormclad (bonded)

Maximum unit of Horgenhold Forge Guard
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers + Officer
Black 13th
Journeyman Warcaster
Gorman diWulfe

Scenario was Close Quarters and Cygnar started game. There was a hill and a forest in the cryx half of the table, and a crater and linear obstacles over there at Cygnar. Stormclad advanced in front of the whole Cygnar army. I was afraid of it's threat range, so I tried to advance in a huge blob of models. If it dared to charge in, it'd have to deal with the remainder of my forces.

Turn 2 Stormclad charged with the aid of Haley's bond and Temporal Acceleration. It somehow manages to miss two of it's attacks, and that leaves Leviathan alive with about four damage boxes remaining. Only fully functional system was movement system. Eiryss ran to my friendly flag, right next to a nightwretch.

Though I wanted to save Deneghra's feat for later, I used it on turn 2. First Deneghra goes incorporeal, walks in the forest to attack Stormclad and hopes for 11+ on damage. Just one point would be enough to trigger Dark Banishment. But no... first attack is a fail. She buys a new one, because feat or no, Deneghra cannot leave a heavy warjack standing right next to her! Second attack scores the required damage, and Stormclad is moved up to mid field.

Nightwretch takes aiming bonus and tries to shoot Stormclad. At the start of my turn I remembered to NOT take aiming bonus and move it from the way of Ogrun Bokur instead. When it came time to activate the bonejack, I guess I just vaguely remembered something about an aiming bonus... oh well. Now Ogrun Bokur wouldn't be able to charge Eiryss, but at least he could walk to take a swing at her. Miss, obviously.

Skarlock casts Curse of Shadows to Stormclad, and then four Black Ogruns charge the cygnaran heavy. There were three non-existent damage rolls, and one really good.

Then Bile Thralls come to spray at Stormclad, but they don't do much. At least they hit. Lastly Pistol Wraith shot Death Chill to Stormclad.

A bonejack, two solos, two units and a warcaster hadn't done enough damage to make Stormclad easy to finish for Aiakos, so instead he advanced and jumped to Eiryss.

Turn 3 Haley uses her feat. She also teleports Gorman a bit forward, so it can lob Blind Oil at Stormclad. Now all of my Black Ogruns were blind... oh joy. But seriously. Let's count up all the debuffs here. Stormclad had Curse of Shadows, Death Chill, Black Oil and Deneghra's feat, and the Black Ogruns got Haley's feat and Black Oil. That was a huge pile of "nobody does anything."

Black 13th shoots Deneghra down to some five boxes remaining or something.

My turn Deneghra advances deeper into forest, hopefully to block Line of Sight to her. With rest of my models I do nothing, except with Ogrun Bokur, who lands the killing blow to Stormclad.

Then game devolved into some sort of cat & mouse play, where Deneghra was the mouse this time. Damage was impressive against both teams, though only models that really did any damage to enemy were the Bile Thralls. They took off quite a chunk of enemy infantry.

Haley started grinding control points from her friendly flag... and that was it. There wasn't much I was able to do - when your warcaster has five or so damage boxes, even with full camp those few remaining Horgenhold Forge Guards look quite oppressive.

I have to confess I turned on my broken laptop in safe mode just to look at the pictures. I couldn't remember anything from this game otherwise.

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