Monday, February 23, 2015

Dwarf tossing and clown tossing

Last Friday I played two Mordheim games. Both were two player games, but they were against different opponents.

First game was Skirmish scenario against a Dwarf warband. Jester hero with old battle wound didn't show up, of course.

Since I was rather afraid of dwarven shooting skills, I tried to skulk behind buildings for many, many turns before finally engaging the beardfolk. About this time I also finally realised that there were actually only two dwarves with ranged weapons... oh well.

Once the dwarf crossbowman on the second story of their building shot a nurgling knocked down. That was all action we had until the set-up in last picture. Carnival had to expose itself to dwarven warband after all.

Carnival Master miraculously sniped off the dwarven crossbowman turn after. All the demons charge some dwarves, and some heroes attempt that, too. Only flail wielding strongman gets into melee, though - but it's against a knocked down dwarf.

I don't remember if demons killed any beards, but two casualties were already enough to cause dwarves to voluntarily rout.

That was a bit unexpected, though I guess that dwarves wanted some wyrdstones and didn't want to risk losing heroes.

In the aftermath my dreams for this particular warband finally became true - I had the gold to buy the Plague Cart!

Which made me wonder a bit about if it was good choice. Was 120 gold pieces actually worth +2 warband size, more reliable demons and only one STR3, WS3 attack? But damn it. I got the cart!

But back then when we were playing I didn't notice one tiny little detail about the cart.

That STR3, WS3 attack causes Nurgle's Rot.

Anyway. Only ringmaster and henchmen group got advancements, which were +1 str to ringmaster and +1 BS to brethren.

Game 2:

Second game was against the dreaded Possessed warband. As I had missed one game night already, the enemy warband rating was surely over 9000.

Well, I exaggerate slightly, but I did get a little underdog bonus.

Scenario also was Defend the Find, which was rather absurdly designed.

Defender is the player who has least models, and he must defend a building in the middle. If at the end of any defender's turn there is more standing attackers within 6" of the building, defender loses and game ends.

So... game ended right there on the second turn as a victory for the Possessed.

And every standing hero within 6" of the building (from either side) gets a wyrdstone shard for free. Heh, though now I check the scenario there was this slight caveat... "maximum of 3 per warband". I guess I erase the two shards I didn't actually gain... Sob. Perhaps I should notice the Possessed player, too, who got four extra shards, I think.

Anyway, in the only picture I got time to take from the game shows my beautifully painted Plague Cart that I finished there right between the games.

Har har.

Only one hero fell during game and was robbed as a consequence.

And thanks to +1 underdog bonus every hero got advances.

Ringmaster got a skill, and he chose Quick Shot. He also bought Lucky Charm.

Flail strongman got Leadership. What a cruel joke that my "immune to fear" strongman has higher leadership than ringmaster himself! Anyway, he also got a Lucky Charm.

Two-handed weapon strongman got a skill and chose "Strike to Injury". I'm tired of only stunning people. He also got a Lucky Charm.

Jester tainted one got a skill and chose "Step Aside" and bought Rope & Hook, Lucky Charm and Toughened Leathers.

Horned skeleton head tainted one got an additional Wound. He was the one who got robbed, so he bought his gear back, plus Lucky Charm, Rope & Hook and Toughened Leathers.

Brethren hero got two advances and got Ballistic Skill and Leadership.

I also bought two additional nurglings.

And now I just need to construct a plague cart before we play next time...

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