Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gobber action

Okay, time to write this one up before a ton of other games come rolling in.

Last Thursday I played a 42 point game of Warmachine. I have an unexplainable aversion to the non-standard 42 point game size, but since it was tournament practice for the opponent, I did finally play my very first game of 42 points.

My list was:

Krueger the Stormlord (that's epic)
- Megalith
- Wold Guardian
- Scarsfell Griffon

Druids of Orboros
Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Swamp Gobbers
2x Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfarer
Lord of the Feast

Objective: Stockpile

Opponent had:

- Stormclad
- Hunter
- 2x Charger

Maximum unit of Nyss Hunters
Arlan Strangewayes
Journeyman Warcaster
Rhuper Carvolo

Objective: Effigy of Valor... or does it go by this name any more?

Scenario was the new one from Steamroller 2015, Recon. Cygnar started game, so Circle would actually need to struggle to win scenario. First poorly focused picture is from the end of Circle turn 1. Full Tilt is on Stormclad, and Arcane Shield from Journeyman Warcaster is on Kraye. Lord of the Feast was teleported by the Shifting Stones, and then he threw his bird at Stormclad. My initial thoughts had been in attempting to snipe Arlan out with the Lord, but when I walked over to opponents table edge to place my model, I noticed Squire was within reach, too. So Lord of the Feast ate Squire instead, a Nyss Hunter and dealt some random damage points to Stormclad.

Cygnar turn 2 (with even more poorly focused picture) light warjacks advanced around and tried to take shots at various targets, but the shots fell short because of Storm Wall. As a side note... I really wait to write a report of a game where I play epic Krueger against Cygnar with their Stormwall. That's bound to get confusing.

Anyway, Nyss Hunters ran forward, which was very annoying. I'd have to beat frail elves now instead of Stormclad I'd drag within my charge range.

And all Circle got to do was to beat some elves. Advance was painfully slow, and in the middle of my turn I decided to use Krueger's feat to blunt possible alpha strike that'd be coming my way otherwise. But still kind of lame feat, though it looks suicidally awesome in the picture when Krueger is standing almost in the front of my army with no screening whatsoever.

Turn 3 even more Nyss come to block any meaningful movement for me, and yet again many shots from the light warjacks don't get past Storm Wall. Something - probably a Nyss - killed one of the Shifting Stones.

And yet another turn of elf-beating commences. I do get rid of a few Nyss that were in really annoying positions, but that's about it. Griffon kills some Rangers, and all of my army packs into a small bubble in the scenario zone in an attempt to hide Krueger from sight and trying to be out of Stormclad's viable charge paths.

Oh, and Swamp Gobbers charge Rangers just for giggles.

Turn 4 Full Tilted Stormclad just advances into melee, though I think this was the turn where Kraye used his own feat. It was really a game of dice when Stormclad started beating Wold Guardian... but luck was in my favor, and Guardian stood still fully functional with six damage boxes remaining.

Charger kills Scarsfell Griffon, and another Charger attacks Megalith, which has taken considerable damage over the course of game.

And again the Nyss are in the way for anything. Two needs to be taken down somehow for Wold Guardian to get to beat Stormclad. One goes down with great effort and a lot of Fury from Krueger. The another Nyss has even greater will to live. I take a foolish risk when I declare a spray attack from Blackclad Wayfarer against the Nyss. The spray would easily clip Wold Guardian, which was indeed at six hit boxes. Of course I miss Nyss and hit Wold Guardian, and to pay for my foolishness Wayfarer manages to damage it! Two points only, though. Even with double sixes Guardian wouldn't die, but damn it, two damage to wrong column would break branches. But it was not to be, Guardian was now at four damage boxes and still fully functional.

Megalith has to sacrifice it's whole activation to get rid of that pesky Nyss. Well, it did get to make one attack at Charger.

Now Wold Guardian advances to critically cripple Stormclad, but thanks to high rolls Wold Guardian wrecked the warjack entirely.

After that last few rounds are mostly made of Cygnar attempting to pull off a lucky assassination and/or kill the wold warbeasts, but dice were not merciful here. In fact they were vengeful for no apparent reason, when Kraye charges Megalith and misses charge attack (MAT 8 vs DEF 11) and after that missing even one additional MAT 6 attack.

Something worth of mention did happen, though. When a Ranger broke off from melee with one of my swamp gobbers, the MAT 5 free strike was a hit. And as terrible as it is, damage roll had a decent chance of failing even against ARM 11, as Gobbers have P+S 5. Well, 7+ with three dice shouldn't be that hard, but needing 7+ against ARM 11 makes it a special case.

And 7+ it is. Another kill count for my swamp gobber!

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