Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deadcom Mixed Crew Mission

I got a couple other games I need to write up, but I have to write last game of Deadzone up first. It's suprisingly difficult to remember actual happenings in a game system you're a bit unfamiliar with. So Deadzone it is.

This game was played last Friday, and it was a 100 point one-off game of Enforcers vs Plague. Twist here was that Enforcers used models from Sedition Wars starter box, which look mistakenly like X-Com agents in personal armour.

I was playing Plague with my converted X-Com aliens.

Game was played with two maps joined together to make a wide playing field. Code-13 rules were used, too. They're a ruleset for bigger games and it makes mission more difficult to accomplish.

My Strike-Team was nearly full of aliens with only one Plague Hound being the exception.

2x Ethereal 'generals' (one had Slow mutation)
2x Chryssalids (Stage 2A, one had AP1 mutation)
4x Mutons (Basic troopers) consisting of:
- 1x with Frag Grenade + Tough mutation
- 1x with Frag Grenade
- 2x with AP ammo
1x Muton with Heavy Plasma (HMG specialist)
1x Silacoid (Plague Hound. I know, I know...)
1x Plague Hound (Plague Hound)
1x Silacoid (Plague Swarm)

Mission: Head-Hunt (kill enemy specialists, expensive models and leaders)

I've tried to reverse-engineer opponent's list from pictures, but there is probably some mistakes:

Enforcer Sergeant
5x Enforcers
1x Enforcer Sniper
1x Enforcer Incinerator
1x Enforcer with Fusion Gun
And someone, somewhere had Extra Ammo?

Mission: Hold (survive and kill any enemy models, getting more victory points from expensive models)

This time around I remembered to take some pictures from the game. First picture looks like it's from the start of turn 2 on Plague's initiative. I wrote models' names to picture to ease spotting a little bit. Some fancy arrows to various locations are also included. Whee.

Earlier Sniper had taken a shot at a Muton hiding in the green building at aliens' side, killing it instantly. Mutons nearly paid back when a few random shots at opposing Sergeant injured her. It's a little bit of a shame. It would have been 5 victory points in the very first turn (she was the Strike Force commander as well as her cost was 11+. I don't think that killing a Leader and killing a Commander stacks, because that would have been ridiculous - seven victory points just from killing one model?)

Anyway, turn 2 started with pinning down an enemy trooper close to the Leader model with Blaze Away! -actions, and then sprint + move with Celatid into melee with the trooper. Despite being Enraged, having moved into the cube, Fight +1 card, having natural AP 2 and hitting on 3+ a knocked down model the Celatid couldn't even injure that agent. In fact if the Swarm would have hit only on rolls of 1 and 2, the story would have been entirely different. Oh well.

An enraged Muton with the Tough -mutation charged another trooper, faring as badly as the Celatid. Later in that turn a Silacoid charges to help Celatid, again with horrible results. I guess they stayed true to their origins. After all, Muton terror missions were quite pleasant in the '94 UFO: Enemy Unknown because Silacoid and Celatid were so easy.

Well, a rain of grenades and sniper shots and whatnots killed both of the terror units.

Another model that was loyal to the computer game was/were the Chryssalids. An Ethereal leader passed a succesful Command action and moved Chryssalid on the right, then Chryssalid used Sprint action and played Move card (my only Move card during the whole game, mind you) and butchered Fusion Gun wielder.

That was nice enough, but alien casualties were quite high during that turn when the regular trooper in melee with tough Muton escaped succesfully - in fact so succesfully that he got to make a short action. The action was Shoot, which outright killed his former melee adversary. At the end of turn 2 aliens had killed just one enemy model.

X-Com Enforcer agents, on the other hand, had killed four. Such a ratio would be difficult to explain to the big brain on Mars.

Things started to look a little better during turn 3 when the rightmost Chryssalid did what Chryssalids do best. It killed two models in a row, and another Chryssalid on the left really wanted to do the same to a regular trooper and sniper, but somehow it came out a bit like this.

Funny thing, by the way, that both Sniper and the Incinerator killed more aliens using their pistols than their main weapons. I guess, then, that they were Vincent and Jules from that clip? Also I might be exaggerating with Sniper.

The Chryssalid on right had been left in a bad position - everyone would shoot at it next, but it only made the Chryssalid angrier (by triggering Rampage).

I don't remember how the situation resolved at the leftmost Stage 2A Chryssalid. I can't find the agent from any of the unedited pictures, so perhaps it died to Break Off -action? No idea.

Looked like aliens were slowly starting to gain the upper hand despite a horrific start, and this was mostly due to Chryssalids adamantly refusing to die. Sniper finally died, and if I'm reading the pictures right, Enforcers (X-Forcers?) had only three models left in their whole Strike Force, and aliens are closing in from every possible direction - surely this was the end? Not quite!

Agents score a hit on an Ethereal, who panics, goes berserk and shoots every other alien dead with a hidden Heavy Plasma, and then it drops a primed alien grenade to its own feet, killing itself.

Enforcers had scored 13 victory points, end of mission. If I remember right they survived for five rounds and killed eight models.

In the end aliens had scored only 9 points. They could have won by either killing the regular trooper and Incinerator, or the already injured Sergeant.

So it was quite close game after all.

This game took suprisingly long. Judging from earlier experiences we might have played three 70 point games in the same time, or two 70 and one 50. I guess the 30 extra points, 3 extra victory points to score for a win and two mats start to add up to the length of the game. It's a shame I didn't have my Sectopod finished just yet, but it's funny how actually playing a game sparks interest in finishing projects - last two days I've done more work for it than during past few weeks.

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