Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Assimilating a Shadow

Last Sunday I played a 35 point game at my place.

I was against Convergence of Cyriss, and both lists involved were:

Asphyxious the Hellbringer & Vociferon
- Cankerworm
- Ripjaw
- 2x Helldiver
- Erebus

Maximum unit of Satyxis Raiders + Sea Witch
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
Satyxis Captain
Warwitch Siren

Opponent had:

Forge Master Syntherion: The Great Machine tier 4
- Corollary
- 2x Diffuser
- Galvanizer (free)
- Cipher
- Monitor
- Assimilator

Optifex Directive
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Attunement Servitors
Elimination Servitors

Scenario was Process of Elimination, and Convergence started. Reconstruct was on Assimilator, Hot Shot on Cipher and Synergy was obviously cast.

Cryx had Ashen Veil on Satyxis Raiders and Scything Touch on Erebus. First picture is from the end of Cryx turn 1.

Various shots from Convergence dropped Erebus' left arm, and Attunement Servitors landed a Flare shot on Satyxis Raiders. Syntherion attempted to cast Magnetic Hold on Satyxis through Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex, but concealment from Ashen Veil saved the raiders this time around.

If I start to play Asphyxious the Hellbringer more, I'm quite sure that my downfall will be trying to get an amazing feat turn. I took a huge risk by casting Mobility with Asphyxious, charging Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex, casting Carnage with Blood Boon and then Asphyxious used his feat.

Erebus advances to wreck Galvanizer, but rolls damage rather poorly and doesn't get to make any attacks against the objective. Well, it's possible that Erebus could have got an attack after wrecking Galvanizer, but I had forgot about the missing arm, and activated Erebus before Necrotech. Why do I even bring those Necrotechs in my lists, because I always forget to use them in a timely manner?

Satyxis Raider Captain tries to shoot some kind of servitor from the way of other Satyxis, but just misses. I had hoped to get a little more Satyxis to charge Diffuser, but it was not to be. Satyxis did use Power Swell anyway, because I thought that all Satyxis would die next turn. Also I wanted to score a scenario point, but looks like four Satyxis with additional damage die aren't enough to deal 15 points to an Arm 18 target. Two Satyxis charges Diffuser anyway, though it meant Elimination Servitor would get free strikes. Servitor killed the other one.

Damage roll against Diffuser was impressive, but P+S 9 attack even with four dice isn't going to wreck a light warjack. At least all three servitors died.

Cankerworm advances and kills two more servitors, and then uses affinity movement to go and engage Cipher. And that was pretty much everything. Cryx had only Ripjaw on the left zone and it worried me a bit.

Asphyxious had charged so far that doing anything meaningful and not giving souls to Asphyxious was a nightmare. So Syntherion feats and hopes to deal enough damage that a bucketload of souls wouldn't be enough for Asphyxious to win the game.

I was happy to break my earlier record of 11 souls from Asphyxious' feat, but now as I'm writing this I realise that in matter of fact Asphyxious gained exactly same amount of souls from feat - the one soul that brought soul count to 12 was from Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex Asphyxious had killed in melee! Bummer. But I guess I'm not allowed to complain here, really.

But, to be honest, those 11 souls weren't free. Cryx lost 18 points worth of warjacks, as well as Vociferon and an arbitrary number of Satyxis Raiders. And Convergence scored a scenario point from the objective Satyxis had failed to destroy.

Next turn both Helldivers are allocated three Focus, but Asphyxious dropped Ashen Veil either last turn or just now.

Helldivers overperform and roll above average enough to destroy both Diffuser on right and Corollary.

Then Satyxis charge all over, but they absolutely fail at everything. No hits were scored to Diffuser in middle, and no damage was scored to Cipher. I think two attacks hit Monitor and dealt damage, though. Satyxis Captain charged Monitor too and showed her crew how damage should be rolled. It was something like 4,5,5,6.

Asphyxious charges Monitor and casts Scything Touch on himself. He had 11 focus left even after casting spells and allocating focus, so Monitor was every kind of dead, and Asphyxious still had a lot of focus to spare - which he used to overboost his power field. A heavy warjack that close to your warcaster with only small based models in between can be hazardous for a warcaster's health, even if the warcaster in question is undead.

Warwitch Siren charged Assimilator on the left zone and scored a hit - pretty much negating Assimilator in the upcoming round.

Then it's Convergence. The one thing Assimilator could do was to destroy another objective.

Syntherion relocates himself to left control zone, and Cipher tramples through Satyxis. With some +3 or +4 synergy chain going on it scored a hit on every Satyxis, and on top of that it wrecked Helldiver.

But as forces were spreading quite thin on both sides, it was Cryx turn soon enough. The surviving Helldiver took a free strike from Optifex Directive, who dared to score seven points of damage. Warwitch Siren scored a hit against Assimilator again, which now, looking back, was one of the most influential roll during whole game.

Satyxis Raider Captain and Asphyxious (who upkept Scything Touch) wrecked Cipher, and two last remaining Satyxis Raiders went to tickle Diffuser. In terms of control points it was 2-2 now, as Asphyxious started dominating right zone.

Syntherion finally kills the annoying witch, but removing a Helldiver with only ranged attacks from Assimilator (and perhaps Convection? I don't remember) was too much. Diffuser, however, could go to contest right zone.

Satyxis Captain and Asphyxious (wow... that Satyxis Captain should be Asphyxious' accomplice instead of Vociferon) wreck the Diffuser, and Asphyxious shoots Hex Blast on Optifex Directive nearby. Helldiver doesn't do anything useful, except to contest left zone so control point situation is 2 for Convergence and 4 for Cryx.

Next round Assimilator and Syntherion beat the snot... umm... necrotite residue? out of Helldiver, but Convergence can't get anyone to contest right zone. So points are 4 for Convergence and 6 for Cryx, which gives the scenario victory for Cryx.

So... both warcasters had carved a little piece of land of their own, and were giving each other the evil eye and shouting harsh words from their respective zones, but neither really being able to leave and kill the other.

Damn it was a brutal game for both sides. And those are the best kinds of games, no?

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