Friday, March 7, 2014

May I present you two dogs and their mut(t)ons?

I know I should be writing up a game from last week, but I'm burdened by a few other writing projects.

So I'm just leaving these here.

I finished converting a couple of more Stage 3A's into mutons for Deadzone, but to be honest they weren't such a story for success as the last one...

The problem with these guys was that they had a lot more clothes on, so their anatomy was bound to be rather... interesting. But hey, they're aliens, right?

I wish I had taken a couple more pictures, since the first one makes me wonder if one plasma shell actually blew up in the barrel of that gun.

Anyway, with that particular muton who is helding the weapon with one hand I realised that I can actually use heated metal in the "sculpting" process. Thanks to that I had to use a lot less Green Stuff, and it gives me a little bit of hope with that HMG guy. They may not be perfect beauties, but they're made with love.

As for the plague hounds, I decided to take almost eye hurting bright tone for their flesh. Eventhough X-Com Enemy Unknown doesn't include any canine monsters (I doubt Reaper is a canine...) I wanted these to look at least remotely fitting for Enemy Unknown setting.

Additional plans:

- Stage 2 as Chryssalid

- Plague Swarm as Celatid

- HMG guy probably needs to go as Heavy Plasma carrying muton, but somehow that doesn't feel right...

- Boom Stick as a Muton with Small Launcher

- CSW team as a Muton with Blaster Launcher (I might try to convert the loader as a pistol wielding muton and... uh... the weapon itself, whatever...)

- Plague Teraton as Reaper

- The floating psychic as either an Ethereal or Sectoid with mind probe, but especially if I go with a sectoid the base size thing might be hilarious...

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