Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ifrit sultan or iFrit sultan?

Yesterday I was playing Warmachine at the local gaming shop. A curious sight caught my eye, though.

It was the Firelands expansion for Talisman. Well, my greed knows know boundaries when it comes to expansions for games I own.

After taking a quick look through the contents, it feels like Firelands expansion dilutes with additional expansions even more than the previous ones. That's not entirely a bad thing, but I'm pretty certain that Firelands plays a lot more aggressively as the only expansion than with 500 extra adventure cards, give or take.

But on the other hand, changes to the board probably stay on the board a lot longer with additional content.

Characters seem fun, and it pleases me greatly that Fantasy Flight Games didn't raise the bar yet again when it comes to too powerful heroes.

Variant endings had two hidden cards and one normal card, which was a bit unusual.

Miniatures are once again quite good looking for a board game. Now, if they would only re-do the original fourteen and a few of the first expansions' characters...

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