Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cat Burglar Knows the Guild (Talisman)

I was visiting a friend in Helsinki who has Talisman.

So, what a perfect chance to play that game, since I would be staying for a few days.

This Talisman didn't have any expansions, though. And when I got all of them, I took what I could easily carry with me. That meant alternative endings and characters from all expansions, and decks they might need.

Expansions we could use were warlock quest cards and quest rewards, Reaper and Werewolf, and random alternative end.

Characters we got were Cat Burglar, Elementalist and Dragon Priestess.

It was truly a slow-grow game with none of the characters getting any especially awesome items or kills or anything. Whenever they could, the brave heroes took a severe beating from any enemy they could land on. This resulted in a situation where everyone was holding their breath at one life.

Curiously enough, no-one died there.

A special mention goes to Werewolf Juggling. Cat Burglar and Elementalist rolled 5's from Werewolf chart a few times too many, making the wolf look like a serious case of ADHD. And finally when the beast ended up trying to chew Cat Burglar with Strenght 8, it rolled 1 for its attack score and Cat Burglar rolled 6, just resulting in a stand-off. Cool thing, woofie.

Later it went and transformed Elementalist into a lycanthrope.

As I said, the game went on very slowly, but finally Cat Burglar got Craft around 8, and had this disgusting Gnome with her. This made it possible for her to try and reach the Crown.

Well, there was still the chance of facing any of those Strenght/Craft 12 bosses, right?

Nope, alternative ending was Thieves Guild, which was sort of fitting for Cat Burglar.

At least Elementalist had no gold at all, and neither of the other characters had more than 4 items.

After Cat Burglar got to the crown, the game went on for about 4 rounds.

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