Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beast Handler Conversion

or: A 35 point Protectorate vs Skorne battle report.

Finally got to play against local players, which has been a bit of a rarity lately.

Anyway, my list was plain old Hexeris after quite a while. I wanted again to do things a little differently, and decided to try out only heavy warbeasts for Hexy's battlegroup.

- Bronzeback Titan
- Archidon
- Rhinodon

Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Paingiver Beast Handlers
Venator Flayer Cannon
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Aptimus Marketh

And opponent had:

Grand Scrutator Severius
- Crusader
- Revenger

Maximum unit of Temple Flameguard + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Exemplar Errants + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Knight Exemplar Seneschal
Vassal of Menoth

And scenario was randomised to be Fire Support, and Skorne got to start game. Objective rules seemed to be match-made for the Flayer Cannon... d3 shots with increasing damage against larger bases + damage boost? Sad thing really that I picked Aptimus Marketh instead of Extoller Soulward, for I would've had real chances of dishing out incredible damage with it.

Ah well, but enough of such nonsense.

Soul Slave was on Archidon and Death March on Praetorian Swordsmen. First picture is taken from the end of Skorne's second turn, and a word needs to be said here about the forest. Next picture actually shows it a lot better. But anyway, we removed one part of it, because it was a pain to try to check if Rhinodon could trample and get a few shots at Exemplar Errant Seneschal. Two red dice and one black die mark where the forest had been.

So yes, there was a gigantic forest in the middle. But in friendly games I love to play in some weird set-ups, so I didn't see any reason to object this kind of terrain. But I sure did miss Eyeless Sight from that Extoller.

On opponents next turn I lose Rhinodon and way too many Praetorian Swordsmen. Bronzeback Titan counter-charges one Errant, but fails to hit their def 14. They had Defender's Ward on.

Severius also uses his feat, denying Hexeris and Aptimus Marketh any spellcasting.

On Skorne side of things, it's counter-feat time. After Vengeance shenanigans from Swordsmen, Hexeris activates, uses feat and charges away to one Exemplar Errant. Opponent was hesitant to let my feat start rolling, so Hexeris managed to kill a couple of Errants, before finally killing his target, and backing up 1" with Beat Back.

Bronzeback then uses Train Wreck animus on itself and kills about 6-7 models. Not too shabby, but zombies gained from Hexeris' feat do nothing except set one Flameguard on fire.

Archidon charges Revenger so that it couldn't be pushed away from melee range (next to Knight Exemplar Seneschal) hoping to shake things up. It did break its arc node, but nothing else. Too bad.

And that was about all I could do.

Next turn Revenger and Knight Exemplar Seneschal make some pudding out of Archidon, and anything else that is able to is launched at Bronzeback Titan. Who endures, though plenty of damage is done and the poor beast is set on fire.

Though things looked pretty good at this point, I was starting to worry, if I would actually lose to scenario. I had next to no models to contest things on leftern front.

On my next turn Bronzeback makes a complete failure at being a Bronzeback. It takes every last bit of Fury from it to wreck Crusader up. Yes, it wrecks it, but come on... it was even enraged! Rest of menite schmuck needs to be mopped up by Hexeris himself and a couple of lucky hits from Praetorian Swordsmen.

And then starts a race for Control Points. Neither player has been able to score any points yet, but opponent goes to 2 on his next turn.

And on my next turn Skorne goes to 2 and contest points away from Protectorate. I somewhat foolishly bring Bronzeback easily within charge range of both Revenger and Knight Exemplar Seneschal, but I felt I had to put some pressure on enemy, or lose to scenario.


Next round opponent does something that really caught me by suprise. Well, now we know we actually played it wrong in a few occasions, but barring that, the thing that pooped in my sadomasochistic orgy party of black magic and dark powers was a failed CMD 8 command check.

Severius clears whatever was contesting his flag and converted a beast handler of mine. This was the first screw-up, since Convert special action is targettable ability, so it needs a line of sight. I was unsure of this and somehow was inclined to think that no LOS is needed if it's not separately said. But that thing was selecting a model... Ah well.

Then the beast handler in question activates and goes to contest my flag, bringing Protectorate to 4 control points and leaving Skorne to 2. Later we found out that you can't activate on the same turn with the converted model. Which is a bit funny, and I intuitively thought that it could activate, because so many abilities that bring back models and take control over models let them activate. Except Convert. I guess if you're brought back from the dead, you get more time and are more responsive to things on the battlefield, but if you have a sudden change of heart in your inner beliefs, you become so stupefied that you lose an activation.


Last picture is a rare shot of a scenario victory.

On my next turn I managed to bring points total to 4-4, and it looked that opponent wouldn't be able to get anything within 4" of my flag, so situation would be at least 6-6. But Revenger charged objective marker that had only 6 boxes remaining, wrecked it and gained one victory point. So victory for Protectorate of Menoth.

Though we played that one critical thing wrong the game itself was absolutely fantastic and exciting. And if the point is to have fun, all of this was a total success.

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