Sunday, June 30, 2013

Almost a full working day (Talisman)

I was visiting Kuhmo, and here we had a 3 player Talisman.

Foolish as we were, we played with all available expansions, since it's somewhat of a custom to play first game with everything, while playing later games with a bit more streamlined system.

With three players, base game, Reaper, Werewolf, night/day card, Dragon King & inner dragon realm, Dungeon, Highlands and City the game took a little over 7 hours to play with only one break.

Again the game really did everything it could to drag the game on since character progress was somewhat slow this time around, at least for the first characters. But now I'm getting too far ahead...

Game started with Dragon Priestess, Magus and Merchant.

Dragon Priestess and Merchant started hoarding gold, and Merchant made quite a starting move - he acquired easily the panda called Lucky from Pet Menagerie, an a Warhorse as well from Stables. Shortly after Dragon Priestess got a Warhorse too. Magus didn't want to ride with anything else but his own chair.

 Only Magus got any actual Strenght/Craft additions for a long time, probably because nights were insanely long. Seemed like no-one was able to draw any Event cards to switch the time to day!

Days, when they did happen, were quite long too, but never as long as the nights...

Dragon Priestess bought the magic spellbook or whatever it is from Magic Emporium, and started to waste spells to no-end. This resulted in a cruel and bitter farewell, when Dragon Priestess mesmerized Lucky the panda from Merchant. Soon after that Merchant's downfall began - he drank away his warhorse, and finally succumbed to some dragon from Cadorus deck.

It was probably because Mephistopheles had turned him into an Evil merchant. All the negative thoughts killed him. A new character was drawn: the Bounty Hunter.

Magus didn't fare much better. He did start gaining respectable amounts of Craft, and in combat he already had Craft value of 11. But he was struggling at just one life for what seemed like an eternity - and then Dragon Priestess came and cast enough spells to make rolling dice pointless. She just walked by and toppled Magus' chair. The poor fellow just couldn't raise it any more. A new character was drawn: the Doomsayer.

One of the first items Doomsayer ever picked up was the Rod of Ruin, that was immediatly used to lower Dragon Priestess' Craft. Her Strenght was about 4, and Craft 6 then. Not at all impressive for 3.5 hours of play, and the rest of us just drew fresh characters!

The dragon scale heap was completely emptied around here and was reshuffled. During the whole course of game it was nearly used twice over - only a small handful remained when game finally ended.

Dragon Priestess went to Dungeon to gain some levels to laugh at any and all Dragon Kings she might encounter. To everyone's suprise, however, Doomsayer and Bounty Hunter took some fast forward in gaining Strenght or Craft. Bounty Hunter was quite quickly Strenght 10+ and Doomsayer Craft 10+, so Dragon Priestess' headstart was mitigated somewhat, and everyone had if not equal, at least some chances of trying to win.

A special mention goes to Bounty Hunter, who nearly died a second time, trekking in Highlands and Outer Region and various  Dragon Scales with only 1 life remaining. Yet, whenever a beast that should have killed him appeared, dice showed up either a Stand-Off (which bounty hunter automatically won) or outright victory for him.

In very late stage of the game it happened that entire Outer Region was filled with Dragon Scales. Never seen that one happen before...

But eventually Dragon Priestess was strong enough and went and beat up Lord of Darkness so bad that she appeared in Crown of Command.

She had drank Elixir of Rage, and Grilipus was the Dragon King at the moment. Thanks to the potion she sported Strenght 14, which made it next to impossible to lose the final fight.

So, after over 7 hours of playing, Dragon Priestess proved herself to be the equal or even superior to any Dragon King.

Hysterical laughter in response to very random happenings had started appearing in increasing frequency, so it was indeed better for the game to end now, less someone choked or something.

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