Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shopping Spree

Today I bought Talisman: The City expansion.

A painting update for characters will probably come some time later as per tradition.

A few quick pointers that I noticed while skimming through the contents:

- No new spells. That's actually a good thing. Spell deck is already bloated.

- Two "revealed" and one "hidden" alternative ending. All of them actually look playable, though Assassins Guild is a bit difficult if you play with onnly two players and you need to take a life from a player of certain alignment...

- Too cheap warhorses.

- Good enough characters. And by good enough I mean that not too many of them look superior, though Bounty Hunter and Elementalist do have some advantage from early on thanks to their high strenght. None of the characters are crazy spellcasters, though! That's a good thing.

- And my favourite: more trinkets! I liked the Trinkets mechanic from Highlands and have been a little disappointed that no trinkets have found their way into the basic adventure deck. Well, now there are plenty of spaces and even card draws other than in Highlands where you can get them!

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