Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy NSFM Valentine's Day!

I wonder if I'm finally playing like I got a pair?

Anyway, this is a small painting update before I start to write up upcoming backlog of 2 warmachine games.

Earlier I have done two flag markers for Warmachine scenarios.

Then I got a few... interesting... models from the final sale of Maelstromgames before they quit business. Let the picture speak for itself:

So, aeons ago I had ordered some gates. They're white metal, by the way... that was way before the great price rise of tin. I don't remember their manufacturer anymore. Toying around I finally got a nice little idea for 50mm objective marker, using Uglyn Lovelord as a sort of eye-catcher for this piece.

I switched the, uh... can I use language like this in this post? I switched the top of Lovelord's shaft with a crystal top I had laying around from Skaven Plague Monks plastic kit.

I also finished a third flag marker with marble pillar and red souls and whatnot. But that's there just for completeness sake.

Behold the marvel of Uglyn Lovelord.

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