Saturday, November 17, 2012

Found from the dungeons (Warmachine)

Oh wow, last game write-up was still in the draft folder and not published. Well, I got to fix that one now.

Some time ago, probably almost two weeks, I played this game of Warmachine/Hordes. I had finally assembled Scarsfell Griffon and almost painted it, and I wanted to try out Kaya1 for the second time.

This was an exaggerated "huge" let down on my standards of not playing with unpainted models. Oh well.

My 35 point list was:

Kaya the Wildborne
- Scarsfell Griffon
- Gorax
- Pureblood Warpwolf
- Gnarlhorn Satyr

Minimum unit of Tharn Ravagers
Tharn Bloodweavers
Blackclad Wayfarer
Druid Wilder

And enemy was playing with the epic Lylyth list familiar from a couple of last games. Except this time with more awesome paintjob!

I think first picture is from the end of my first turn, and opponent won the starting roll. This was one of the rare games where opponent didn't cast Shadow Pack. I guess he wasn't afraid of Spirit Fang which would drain 66% of Kaya's focus with full boosts...

Anyway, I was able to cloak all of my infantry under stealth with Occultation (as Bloodweavers have it naturally), so I just rushed them as far as possible. Either Striders would close in, or the big guys would unleash their AoE's upon them. Either way, it would hurt, but at least my beasts would be safe.

For some reason only the Dice Gods know, opponent pretty much failed to kill anything meaningful next turn. One Bloodweaver died and Blackclad Wayfarer was left with one hit box remaining.

Overjoyed by the sudden amount of infanty I had at my disposal, they all charged/ran at the front line of Raptors.

Spd 7 and spd 6 + reach was enough to get two Raptors engaged and dead. I tried to position my beasts so that coupled with Hunters Mark from Blackclad Wayfarer and Gnarlhorn's animus would be enough to charge something. Also, Kaya jumped to the roof area of that particular terrain piece on which Griffon is standing. After doing that I had already fallen in love with the beast.

I ended my turn, and was just a little bit afraid of the upcoming feat.

Combined efforts of last remaining raptor and Anyssa killed one ravager. Then Lylyth used her feat, and did something unspeakable.

Amazing hit rolls (and in one case a damage roll) killed four bloodweavers and one ravager. The ravager was one-shotted from full health to zero health. Okay, it was a ravager, but still quite an achievement from a single arrow.

Reason why it was actually amazing was the fact that most of Lylyth's targets were gaining elevation from hill, and some of them were even in melee. The lone bloodweaver even failed her command check.

That somewhat outrageous performance relieved pressure on Ravagores, so they took all their shots at Pureblood Warpwolf. And the three hits they scored was enough to kill the wolf. I did not find this hilarious.

Striders took a bit CRA at Gnarlhorn Satyr and rolled too much damage in there too.

All in all, it was a horrible turn for me as the Circle player. Had not Lylyth wrecked so much face in, I guess I would've had either more infantry alive or a 9-point beast still standing.

With spine crushed, Circle still had some teeth intact.

Blackclad Wayfarer advanced and cast Hunter's Mark on a Ravagore. Kaya activated, cast Gnarlhorn's animus on Gnarlhorn itself and Scarsfell Griffon. After healing Gnarlhorn with one point (I think Striders knocked off exactly Spirit branch with their CRA), used her feat, and healed Gnarlhorn even more and put up Occultation on herself.

Wilder ran so it might make Gnarlhorn's charge possible.

And then the beast charged. Damage rolls were slightly below average, but only slightly, so I cannot complain too much, especially when I would've needed slightly above average rolls to kill the target.

Ravagers charged, with unit leader trying to reach damaged Ravagore. Even with Hunter's Mark on the charge fell half and inch short.

Griffon went to tease Striders a little. Nothing else, really.

Opponent then destroyed Gnarlhorn as was to be expected, but it went down so easily that the painted Ravagore was able to charge my last tharn ravager on the hill.

This time around Lylyth didn't perform so well, as she shot down her own Raptor by accident. I guess that's just Legion's way of saying "I like you".

Striders took a full CRA against Griffon, and when they reformed one of them decided to come and engage the lionbird. I hope they eventually reach marriage status. Oh dear, that was so bad pun again that I ask for euthanasia.

Well, then it was my turn to cope with two light beasts and two solos and a lone unit member against a 29 point army. Because all that has entirel died from enemy was the minimum unit of Raptors.

Kaya dislodged herself from the roof and cast Gorax's animus on itself, and Gorax charged Ravagore to back arc. If memory serves, the damage rolls were exceptionally good, the little beast was truly trying to make up for the failures of bigger guys. Alas, the Ravagore was undamaged, so nothing was accomplished, really.

Blackclad Wayfarer charged the damaged Ravagore and cast the stone spray spell, doing little to the hulk in front of him, but nailing down Blighted Nyss Shepherd.

Birdie beast killed a couple of Striders, and a round later I realised that I had had forgotten Pack Hunters ability from Kaya alltogether.

However, this particular melee was the only melee where it'd possibly have mattered, as one attack from Griffon was a miss. All other attacks made by my beasts were either outside of Kaya's control range, or were hits.

Funnily enough, opponent just couldn't take the life of poor Gorax on the hill. Looked like it's destiny would be to actually suffer the payback of Primal in the form of automatic frenzy.

Well, that was mostly because Ravagore on hill frenzied and had only one attack.

Striders butcher up the thing they had never seen before, but at the campfire mutually agreed that it tasted like chicken.

Next Kaya runs to the best safety there ever is against a shooty army - melee. Either something really out-of-ordinary should happen for me to get a jump at Lylyth, or I would lose very soon. Or hide all around the map for three hours, which didn't feel like a good plan.

Gorax frenzies and bites Ravagore a little.

Well, then it's opponents turn. Striders back away from melee, and Kaya kills maybe one of them. CRA deals something over 10 points of damage, so it's transfered to Gorax (who at that particular moment had 2 boxes left).

Then Lylyth activates and gets a caster kill.

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