Thursday, November 29, 2012

A little painting update

Pictures in the last gaming write-up are so atrocious in quality that I needed to quickly make a new blog entry with better photos to push the horror down.

Well, not really.

Rather, I'm trying to motivate myself to paint just a little bit more actively now. I finished painting two gaming pieces, well, technically yesterday.

They're Sara the Bright Witch and Jack Fellows the Privateer for A Touch of Evil.

This time, though picture is sharp enough, it didn't focus right. But I guess it still shows the most important thing: these gaming pieces are finished from toe to hair.

Now, there is something else in the picture.

Years ago (almost ten years, actually. Damn time flies!) I bought Games Workshop walls for terrain. They've been in extensive use during various times in my career as a wargamer.

However, when I got my filthy little hands upon the plastic walls & fences terrain set, these wall pieces dropped out entirely from gaming boards.

First, they're BIG. For linear obstacles at least. Linear obstacles you can get from "new" plastic set are so much better for Warmachine/Hordes, because there is next to no attempt to balance models on the scenery pieces base. And that is good, it's clear to everyone that "no, you can't stand on top of this fence". These old walls are all clumsy and awkward.

Second, they're a bit out of place. Most of these old walls have either something iconic (imperial eagles on ammo crates) or too science fictionish elements going on. For a reason it bugs me.

Third, they're "ugly". By ugly I mean that they have a dull palette, and because there is pre-glued grass in there it creates the feeling that they're "ready to use". And as such they're a bore.

Some unknown impulse struck me a while ago, and I picked up the two wall pieces from this particular set that had no problems mentioned in second pointer. Then I painted them to break the monotoneous colors, removing much of problems mentioned in third pointer.

By making some of the reinforcements to appear wooden (though their texture looks very much metallic, but hey... it's what you paint it to be, not what it looks like to be without paint) I attempted to make the walls fit a little bit better to Iron Kingdoms. At least I find it unlikely that there would be SO much refined scrap metal pieces around to construct improvised full-metal walls.

Ah well.

Oh, and the third wall piece in picture is a non-retouched wall piece from same terrain set, just for comparison.

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