Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hero onslaught

And now I got my greedy little fingers around A Touch of Evil Hero Pack 2.

Not much to write, though, since there's not too much unexpected content in an addition like this. The four heroes look nice, though Jack Sp... sorry I mean Jack Fellows, the privateer, is a bit boring rules-wise, and Sara, the Bright Witch may (or may not) be a little too powerful. Depends a lot on Shadow Track, really.

Also included are one card to each Corner Location in the Shadowbrook map and three mystery and event cards each.

New villain, the Reaper, has it's own minion chart, unlike the extra villain in Hero Pack 1. Reaper also looks lovably dark and thematic. Shadow of Death and Wither really stand out as well-thought and flavorful special rules.

But until I get stuff painted, this was all for A Touch of Evil Hero Pack 2.

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