Thursday, July 5, 2012

When Skinwalkers Come

A couple of days ago we played a game of When Darkness Comes with out newest duo of characters, Rick Harrigan and Ninton Kanton.

They are the pair who both have only 3 health/defense.

We played the first scenario from The Horror Within expansion called "The Skinwalker".

To make the scenario a little more interesting the Nameless Mist adversaries, security, allies and a few items were added to the pile of usable disks. I had learned from the "I Want My Mummy" -scenario that much that game can become a little boring if there are very little adversaries around.

Because this meant that there were more disks than ? -slots in the 8 tile town, a houserule was invented. Once unexplored tiles run out, remaining disks are added to first tile heroes visit that doesn't have the maximum number of disks on it.

Also, D12 -house rule was made too. In this scenario it represented the evil skinwalkers growing power and attunement to the totem animal spirits. First time the dice was restored to 12 the totem adversaries got +1S and +1 Target Number to Iniative. Second time the dice was used up, they gained +1 TN to Attack score. If the die would go down to 0 for a third time, spirits would gain +1 TN to Defense score. If dice would be turned again for a fourth time, all players would just brutally lose.

With these additions the scenario was quite enjoyable.

Especially Ninton Kanton, the superior ninja fighter had to adapt in this scenario. His Persuasion skills are really rather horrible, and most often there would be only security disks around, and the scenario forced to persuade some allies to bring final victory.

This meant that he had to attack just about every security he happened to come across. Well, except for one dog. All humans he did kill, but couldn't bear to watch a rottweiler die by his hand.

This all gave him tons of victory points, but also a troublesome number of failure tokens.

Rick Harrigan didn't rush all over the place the same way, he took his time to watch his surroundings and advance more cautiously. This paid off, when it was he who found the navajo allies who would make it possible to kill the totem animal spirits.

D12 was flipped over two times during game, so at least 24 turns were played.

Game was actually quite tough contest between heroes - but Ninton had to buy off way too many failure tokens to really be a winner. He scored 17 VP's in the end, and Harrigan had over 20 but below 30. I've forgotten by now how big the total number was.

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