Friday, July 20, 2012

Keep on failing, no matter the odds!

A few days ago I played a game of Warmachine.

I felt that it was time to play something else now other than epic Hexeris, so I did a following 35 point list for my other recent purchase, Scaverous:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- 2x Helldivers
- 2x Nightwretches
- Seether

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Cephalyx Overlords
Bane Lord Tartarus
Skarlock Thrall

I adamantly refused to believe there was any curse or anything on my Scaverous, and I was pleased with my list.

Opponent was playing epic Kaya with following list:

Kaya & Laris
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Feral Warpwolf
- Pureblood Warpwolf
- Argus

Shifting Stones
Druid Wilder
2x War Wolves

We didn't play any scenario and opponent won the starting roll. Picture is taken from the end of my first turn. Since opponent was pretty much stealthed there was not much I could do other than advance forward, camping a lot of focus. Skarlock had cast Death Ward on Seether.

Now, on opponents next turn opponent misjudged distances about 1.5 inches and used Kaya's feat. Stalker couldn't reach anything and Pureblood's spray missed Seether, though it killed three mechanithralls. Feral Warpwolf with warped Speed just reached Seether and mauled it horribly - it was left with only six hit boxes left. Thanks to Death Ward I could pick damaged columns and so it still had every system up and running.

But really, that was all epic Kaya's feat did now. Though it always feels a bit bad for the opponent when a good resource is accidentally wasted like that, I couldn't still help feeling a little bit of hope arising in me - could Scaverous really get his second victory?

Since I still couldn't do much, my army marched forward in a defensive position. Skarlock cast Death Ward on Scaverous, and he camped 5 focus. Two were used on Telekinesis to a helldiver.

Seether ate a war wolf that tried to block my movements a bit.

On next turn I guess opponent felt a little desperate, when he decided to launch an all-out attack.

Kaya dropped upkeeping all upkeeps. Pureblood used its animus on Kaya, and Laris ran to engage Scaverous. Kaya then used Laris' animus to teleport next to Scaverous and started pounding hits on Arm 22 Scaverous with MAT 8 & P+S 11+4D6, thanks to flank and damage boosts. I was a little scared then, because good rolls could and would actually do a lot of damage then.

But to add an insult to injury, here's a picture from Kaya's assassination run & damage roll:

Yeah. Next attack, which was last attack Kaya could buy, dealt 3 points in.

So I did feel quite self-confident in killing the dirty little hippie, though it was a rather difficult puzzle because of Laris' Guard Dog -ability and Kaya's Unyielding. I decided I needed to get Laris away first, and then debuff Kaya with feated spells and then kill her with a couple of melee attacks and spells from other sources.

First Helldiver pops up behind Laris and gets loaded two focus. Charge attack hits and deals some damage in. Then mechanithralls activate and hope for lucky hits on Laris. No-one hits.

Then I have to activate Scaverous, and the exhumator unleashes Black Gates. First Scaverous casts a 3-focus Feast of Worms on Laris with a boosted damage roll. The annoying little doggie was left with one hit box remaining.

Scaverous uses his Thresher attack, but all attacks miss (one to Laris, Kaya and Argus). With one focus left Scaverous tries to cast Icy Grip on Kaya, but thanks to Guard Dog, it misses.

Now, under Scaverous' feat two Overlords come within range and shoot their magic sprays to the swirling melee. Laris dies and Kaya takes some damage in.

Next, the second Overlord sprays. He kills a swathe of Mechanithralls and the first Overlord, too. Kaya takes only a few damage points in, and, well, heh. Scaverous takes 5 points in. The overlord gave more damage in to my warcaster than the opponents'...

Kaya has six health boxes left after everything. Skarlock then charges her and casts Excarnate. If Skarlock hits DEF 16 with 7+3D6, and then rolls 7 for damage, Kaya would be a goner.

Skarlock doesn't hit DEF 16 with 7+3D6.

Next turn Kaya skewers Scaverous. She's really angry because her puppy died.

And I can only watch in amazement with my results with Scaverous.

No matter the situation and game progress, somehow he always manages to lose. At the moment he has worst win/loss ratio out of all of my played warcasters/warlocks. The only victory I've had with him must be to keep my hopes up so I won't succumb to superstition.

But I have already done that. My Scaverous is cursed.

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