Friday, September 1, 2017

Different Kind of Skorne

Alright, let's write these two 50 point games of Warmachine up before my Next Big Project.

My lists were:

Lord Tyrant Hexeris
- Aradus Sentinel
- Bronzeback Titan
- Cyclops Shaman

Praetorian Swordsmen (max) + Command Attachment
Venator Flayer Cannon
Aptimus Marketh
Ancestral Guardian
Void Spirit

List 2:

Lord Arbiter Hexeris
- Aradus Sentinel
- Bronzeback Titan
- Basilisk Krea
- Titan Sentry

Venator Reivers (min) + Command Attachment
Ancestral Guardian
Bog Trog Trawler

Notice anything two missing from both lists? Yeah. And did I regret the lack of Agonizer and Beast Handlers. But I wanted to use some models I haven't used yet during Mk3... namely Ancestral Guardian and Aptimus Marketh.

Opponent had:

Father Lucant, Divinity Architect
- Corollary
- Diffuser
- Galvanizer
- Prime Axiom

Perforators (min)
Eradicators (min)

Opponent used same list twice, and scenario was Breakdown in both games.

In first game Aradus Sentinel, Cyclops Shaman and a Sunder Spirit was enough to take down Galvanizer. But this meant Axiom could easily drag Aradus to it's demise. On the other hand I managed to devastate zone on the left. However, I had placed Bronzeback those critical 3 millimeters too far and Axiom could charge it.

There was not much left for me, then. I decided I might stand chance if I would kill the Prime Axiom, and I did quite respectable damage in to it. It did have Parasite cast on it, though.

Now, Ancestral Guardian had zero souls on it and was perhaps about the same distance off from Axiom as Bronzeback had been too close.

A single P+S 13 could have completely wrecked the colossal with a good roll, or destroy some critical systems with a mediocre roll. Or completely fail with a poor roll, of course. But it was not to be. Lord Tyrant Hexeris went splat next turn.

Game 2:

Second game Hexeris had learned from his mistakes and went epic.

I tried to protect the battlegroup a little better against drags this time, and succeeded. This time opponent devastated zone on the left. I did get to score points from the zone on the right first, but damn those servitors from Axiom kept contesting my zone. I was fairly sure I wouldn't be able to grind scenario because of that.

Titan Sentry charges Diffuser during Lucant's feat turn to keep Convergence busy next turn. Of course I would have wanted to deal some damage in, too, but I wasn't blessed with that many hits.

I secure my zone anyway and watch Titan Sentry die. Remainder of Venator Reivers contest enemy zone far longer than I expected. But not long enough.

Then I do some beat back shenanigans with Bronzeback Titan to get to Prime Axiom, but missing two attacks on Galvanizer made the attempt rather pitiful.

Then I watched Bronzeback die.

Krea charges Corollary, but misses. Eventually finishing moves were pretty much the same as in last game: Hexeris tries to charge Prime Axiom in the vain attempt to dismantle it enough for him not to die next. But nothing like that ever happened, at least not in this game.

Hexeris went splat again, and since there isn't Hexeris3 yet we couldn't continue games.

Yeah, that's the reason.

I will never play Skorne again without Agonizer or Beast Handlers.

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