Friday, August 12, 2016

Bokkens bokkens everywhere

After I had been introduced to Citadels, I got to play another card game called Samurai Sword.

I heard it's a bit like Bang! with hidden roles and not knowing 'who's side you are on'. Again we had six players.

Gameplay was smooth. Turns didn't generally take very long (unless somebody played three Ceremonies and a couple of Distractions in a row... which is a feat in itself.)

I had the questionable honor of not getting even a single blue permanent 'buff' card into my hand during the whole damn game. I mean... they're not uncommon at all.

I think I made only two or three attacks during whole game, as I didn't have reach anywhere. Both players next to me had armatures from the beginning, and I got only few reach 2+ weapons.

Now... what did I get? I guess some geishas, distractions and bokkens. Random jiu-jitsus here and there. Dodge/parry or whatever that card was had been quite a familiar sight in my hand.

I forget which team won. I think it was ninjas, but could have also been the loner role.

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