Friday, October 23, 2015

Goat on Fire

I've usually posted a picture here if I have magnetised a Privateer Press heavy warbeast/warjack kit. And I'm continuing that trend.

This time I've magnetised Shadowhorn Satyr and Riphorn Satyr. Kit was easy to magnetise and barely required any work at all. Every part, however, definitely needs a magnet unlike Warpwolf kit, which was every magnetiser's wet daydream.

Also included are three smoke pillars I've made over the last few months.

My terrain collection has a serious lack of trees and forest. This has bothered me a bit, since they are important area terrains in Warmachine. Nowadays I have a green grass mat, but before I got that I wanted some kind of terrain that could act as a forest on a grey surface. Bright green foliage would have looked a little out of place there.

So here you can see three "trees" from a smoldering "forest". They look nice, but they were a pain to work with.

They're made of some sort of insulation silicone which I heard are good for projects like this. Well, this particular brand, while probably perfect for intended purposes, was terrible for making miniature terrain. Fumes gave headache and shaping it was difficult. On top of that it was resistant to paint. Resistant. To. Paint. My choice of materials had clearly been a success.

I spent months coating them with extra layers of primer sprays and varnishes. Finally they felt sturdy enough to actually touch and paint. Paint no longer chips when you just look at them with a mental image of a paint brush glowing in your eyes. You can move them around safely, but I am a little afraid of what will happen if one of them falls on a floor.

They've all been sculpted on a heavy bolt's nut to balance it correctly.

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