Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fresh imps

During my trip to Salo we played three games of Dungeon Lords.

First two games we had four players, which is a bit rare.

All other three players had never touched Dungeon Lords, so the first game was somewhat of a hassle. We used most of the rules of a real game, though. Only first inaccessible orders were randomised. New adventurers and monsters from Festival Season expansion also added complexity. Perhaps from now on I should leave out the bards at least. Another choice is to play bards with correct rules - our minstrels were hard mode, as they didn't mourn for their fallen comrades.

Special event "I'm back ladies!" caused the elven paladin to enter fray in the first game, though nobody honestly crossed the paladin space.

First time ever somebody got negative points (-1) and as a consequence didn't get a permit to build dungeons.

Second game went much faster and more smoothly, though the hard mode bards were devastating dungeons left and right. Paladins were farmed during both years. This time the differences in points weren't that big, though we had one player who struggled just to get to exactly 0 points. That player was me. Damn those bards.

Last game
was played on Sunday, and it had only three players. But since we all were now seasoned dungeon lords yearning for new challenges, we played with the Festival Season expansion.

Unique opportunities shaked up the game this time. Just about every opportunity that had most impact during first year happened exactly then. Rentable "magic room" in the town was a source of many giggles, and an expert Evil Eye played a critical role in saving my dungeon. Every player got an improved tunnel also. Last opportunity escapes my memory.

We were playing with the two paladin variant, and three paladins out of the four were killed.

Everybody scored 20+ points (even the player who had been critically screwed by being unable to enter gold farm when taxes were due...)

Winner scored exactly as much as there were spaces on the scoreboard... 42 or 43, that is.

All in all nice games. Even the one I scored a grand total of zero points. Festival Season with four players remains to be experienced.

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