Sunday, April 5, 2015

Decorated Veteran

A quick update before I need to start stressing out from other games I haven't yet written here.

Riven Bonds league is about 62.5% completed here.

I picked Circle of Orboros as my league faction mostly because I had one unused Blackclad Wayfarer model that I never got to paint, as it had such a terrible thick undercoat. Back in the days I had used the wrong kind of spray primer, the kind of that makes surface of your minis to feel and look like medium coarseness sand paper.

But here it was - a perfect excuse to try out some crazy conversions and otherwise tinker and tailor with the model.

This Blackclad Wayfarer represents my league model Sepoh Thalasland, who has Electrical Augmentation (frozen yoghurt tentacles), Crown of the Wild (the swarm of bats) and Wilting Totem upgrades. Crown of the Wild is the Bat Swarm model from Reaper Bones miniature line, and Wilting Totem is some really, really ancient standard or something for Warhammer Fantasy Battles Mounted Chaos Sorcerer.

And, uh. The Electrical Augmentation. I tried to make some sort of arcing lightnings, but I just couldn't force myself into making dozens of tiny little arcs by hand. But I guess the looks are okay-ish. What I should have attempted instead would have been first attempts at object source lighting techniques. Those beams would probably look a lot more lightningy if the close proximity of those beams would have lighted specific areas of the model.

But no. No trial and error here. I was too busy to get the model completed during the league. Had we played an official league, I would have had my league model completed two days after league ended, or something...

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