Sunday, November 9, 2014

The actual Enemy Unknown

Last Sunday I got to play Deadzone again after a while.

We were mostly testing a homebrew set of rules for X-Com Ufo Enemy Unknown setting.

Since all point costs and whatnot are arbitrary, it probably doesn't tell much that the game was played with 100 points.

However, my alien Strike Team was:

Ethereal Leader
3x Muton grunts with plasma rifles

... and that was all?

X-Com had a bit more models, but not that much. If there isn't someone hiding somewhere in the picture, it was only 7 infantry models and hovertank. Well, hovertank probably explains that.

Two civilians were rolled for the game. X-Com got their mission from the Enforcers deck I think, and aliens had one from Asterian deck. It was just a killy mission for aliens, which was quite fitting. Though looking back now that was probably the reason I didn't rush too much forward... which can be a bad thing in Deadzone.

Anyway, X-Com started the game. Civilians tried to get safe positions, but situation looked pretty grim for civilian in square A6.

Ethereal leader had command value of 3-3 plus Psychic special rules. This mean that aliens could play a full turn in just one go. After all there were only six aliens. However, with Psychic aliens could go up to seven activations, and that was exactly what Ethereal was up to. In fact I don't think Ethereal did anything else during whole game except to remove activation counter from Sectopod?

Second picture is from the end of first full round. It's difficult to take comprehensive pictures from Deadzone because the buildings block line of sight to camera. Everything that has happened in the top-right corner of the board is entirely obscured.

But Celatid and a rank-and-file Muton shot down the civilian hiding in there, but set themselves up for a nice blast from one of the X-Com agents armed with small launcher.

Sectopod had caused one injury to hovertank, which had Vehicle (4). Injured Muton in the building took a lucky shot at agent in square G4, but didn't kill. I forgot who returned a lucky shot against that very same Muton, who got injured in the process.

Second round started with aliens having the initiative. Sectopod managed to snipe the X-Com commander model out of the board, which was perfect for my mission.

But just as in the original game from '94, AI took some very weird actions next. Aliens hadn't been programmed properly to grasp how important it is to contest objective in this game.

Muton in H7 just took a step and shot the agent in H4, failing to kill. What I should have done instead would've been at least to sprint to a neighboring square. I don't remember if I had Move tactical cards. If I had, shame on me twice.

But yeah. Game ended when X-Com got to activating their models.

I don't remember X-Com mission for sure, it was something along the lines of "control two objectives and kill things", and X-Com killed the Celatid and a Muton, plus mission had exactly the X and Y objectives. I don't know what would've happened in the computer game. Perhaps Ethereal commander would have panicked again and shot every alien, including itself, with blaster launcher.

I have to stop using that joke.

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