Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Freak Circus

I visited some friends last weekend, and we played two games of Gloom with three players.

First game we had the Hemlocks, artists and gangsters getting depressed.

Butler was a curious personality, and deserves a spotlight here. He served absolutely rotten meals to Hemlock family, and was fired as a consequence. He proved to be quite a misanthropic fellow, and he spent time mostly with his raven friend. He took long walks in the graveyard, and met frankenstein constructs and vampires there. To him, they were better company than that of the living.

As he was socially very challenged person, he got married by accident. And this was where the butler saw his true position in the society: he was absolutely nothing. Even the priest forgot his name during wedding ceremony. To the living, the butler was to all intents and purposes invisible. So invisible, in fact, that his wife died of sorrow as her husband was nowhere to be found.

Second game we had Slogar family, the circus family and the gangster family, and for the record this was shortest game of Gloom ever. Ringmaster Darius was a ghoul this time, and he had an amazing idea for a really good tourist attraction: an invisible person! Well... it seemed like a good idea at the time? Mr. Giggles, the clown, found love early on in the game. That love was underage, though, so he was condemned in a court. And as if that wasn't enough, he walls killed in a prison. Poor Mr. Giggles, got what he deserved.

Thumbelisa was a little better curiosity for the circus, as she was a were-duck. After being wed to a werewolf Samson O'Toole was found a vampire. The only truly dead family member was Mr. Giggles, the rest were undead.

Game took probably fifteen minutes to play. Well, it was an experience at least. The cards had been shuffled thoroughly, so it was just pure chance that made the game that short.

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