Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last two games of Steamroller tournament at Ropecon 2013

Well, then.

Two losses in a row, things just couldn't get any worse, could they?

Next I was against Legion of Everblight.

Here I made a little mental note that I'm bound to forget. Both of my lists hadn't taken any countermeasures against Legion of Everblight. Both lists relied pretty much on denying LOS and/or having access to Stealth.

I mean... Legion isn't, strictly speaking, a very uncommon sight in tournaments.

Oh well, I just took epic Asphyxious because I need more games in with him. For statistics, you know.

When I knew I was playing against Saeryn, I wonder why the heck I took Bile Thralls... I could have changed them to something useful with Specialists.

Anyway, opposing list was something like:

- 2x Ravagore
- 2x Angelius
- Raek

2x Strider Deathstalkers
Blighted Nyss Shepherd or two
2-3 Spell Martyrs
- some empty points I don't remember... Succubus, perhaps?

First picture is taken from the end of Legion turn 2, when shooting had already began.

Because I deployed Bane Thralls rather poorly it was my heavy jacks that took the hits. I don't know why I did it, but I decided to rush aggressively to the control zone (at least I didn't want to give points to Legion that easily. But I know Saeryn's feat, I have played enough against her and still... I ran all of my jacks and even Asphyxious himself to a tightly packed formation.

I guess I wanted to believe that Asphyxious would still be standing next turn and I would be able to unload 6x purges on Angeliuses when one of them would have -3arm from Parasite and one -2 from Dark Shroud for at least one purge, but that was quite desperate thinking.

Angeliuses charged Slayer in the middle and wrecked it and bought extra attacks against Asphyxious. Even boosted blast damages from Ravagores did some points in, so Asphyxious was killed in a most embarrasing situation that's imaginable, barring only a purge from own bile thrall.

Last game in Ropecon 2013 Steamroller tournament:

I was against Khador, and decided to take epic Asphyxious again. I was against Old Witch of Khador and I almost cried there and then. Three out of four of my matchups during tournament had some way of negating most rules for Line of Sight. Again, cloud effects wouldn't protect Asphyxious himself.

Game itself was interesting, though I had forgotten my camera somewhere. I could only snatch one picture in the end when there was no pressure from Deathclock.

I had played against Old Witch of Khador only once before, and then it ended so that Scrapjack just parked right next to my warcaster, Old Witch advanced and cast Unseen Path and killed Deneghra in just a few hits. So... I was afraid, and played extra carefully.

Scrapjack was a monster against Bane Thralls, when it advanced under Avatar of Slaughter and destroyed tons of thralls. It did this for three full rounds, and only because I rolled godlike tough rolls. I dare say at least 50% of all tough rolls I made succeeded.

I had replaced one Slayer with Soulhunters, and I must say that they did wonderful job at harassing Winterguard Infantry.

This time I kept Tartarus way back in the safe zone, waiting for a moment to curse something worthwile. Last few games I had played Tartarus way too forward and Stealth ignoring or scattering autofire AoE's had made his undead life difficult.

Anyway, both of the warcasters were standing way too back for either faction to get a clean, nice assassination. However, when it started to look like Khador would be winning attrition, I decided to try an all-or-nothing assassination.

Everything I had tried to shoot down a large-based objective that was in-between Asphyxious' feat and Old Witch.

First Tartarus charged Aiyana (missed her, of course) and cursed the Old Witch.

Then Asphyxious charged something, I don't remember what. Then he used Spectral Legion and either teleported to safety or tried to soften up the objective marker. Since my lock was running real short, I didn't plan on surviving next turn if I failed the assassination attempt. So a boosted excarnate to objective marker it was. Still it wasn't destroyed, but one Spectral Legion bane thrall charged it down.

A maximum of four Bane Thralls would have been able to charge the cursed Witch. Third one dealt the finishing blow, and game ended, and I got a couple of seconds over 2 minutes left on my timer.

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