Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Defying Fate (not)

I just realised that I had a fifteen month pause at playing against Khador.

Anyway, some time ago I had the pleasure of playing against the big red machine again, this time at my home town.

It was a 35 point game, and I played with following list:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- 2x Nightwretch
- Erebus
- Seether

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls + 1 Brute Thrall
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
2x Warwitch Siren

Opponent had a list something like:

- 2x Juggernaut

Maximum unit of Assault Kommandos + 1 Flame Thrower
Minimum unit of Kayazy Assassins + Underboss
2x Kayazy Eliminators
Epic Eiryss
Gorman diWulfe

Scenario was randomised to be Close Quarters.

Cryx got the start and first picture is from the end of Khadoran first turn.

Scaverous popped his feat right in the second turn. I did have a grand plan of getting rid of Eiryss and Kayazy in one fell sweep (they were things that frightened me most) but things didn't quite work that way.

First I did forget all about "no channeling" thingy from Eiryss. The elf obviously survived, then. Eiryss had, by the way, shot Seether into disruption last round, so the helljack wasn't able to go and get rid of that life-threatening nuisance. Though I'm not sure if trading a 9 point warjack to 3 point solo would have been worth it...


Scaverous's feat cast a succesful Feast of Worms that killed two Kayazy Eliminators and one Assassin and Underboss... except that he passed a tough roll. He isn't in the picture because we didn't remember if he had Tough right away, and picture is also missing a Mechanithrall that came into play via Excarnating a Kayazy Eliminator.

Last focus was used to cast Icy Grip on Kayazy Assassins, and suddenly board looked a lot more survivable.

Khadorans shot down most of mechanithralls and nailed Necrotech, too, but those losses were quite acceptable. What wasn't acceptable, however, was the fact that I lost both of my arc nodes. Technically Nightwretch on the right is still functional, having only lost its head, but it's being engaged with a Juggernaut with Superiority on. Not gonna risk a free strike, not today. (Semi-opaque dark circles are 50mm in diameter and represent the warjacks' actual position on the board.)

Eiryss shot Erebus into disruption, which was a bummer, because I would have wanted it to go on a little killing spree. The AoE on Erebus is Rift spell from Strakhov.

On my next turn I tried to charge Eiryss' back arc with Warwitch Siren, but missed. So it did rest on Seether's shoulders to go and punch the most hated elf of Iron Kingdoms in the face. And she died. It'd been better if Seether could have gone and do a full amount of initial attacks against Juggernaut that was engaging Nightwretch and throw the jack away with Chain Attack, but that Arm 11 model is just too scary to be left alive.

Erebus did go to rake in some souls for Scaverous, but it drained a lot of resources and wasn't done in full potential even then.

First Skarlock casts Ghost Walk on Erebus. Then Warwitch Siren uses Power Booster on it. And then Erebus finally advances and rolls astonishing attack rolls. Well okay, it needed only 7+ to hit on Kayazy Assassins thanks to Icy Grip and even less to the one Assault Kommando, but still I would have expected some attacks to miss. But they didn't, so Scaverous took 3 souls.

Necrosurgeon advanced and placed 3 Mechanithralls, two of them to back arcs of Kayazy Assassins.

Mechanithralls then advanced and rolled dozens of missed attacks, but then there were the few lucky hits, which were enough. There was only the Underboss alive now.

Scrap Thrall ran to engage Gorman diWulfe. That was probably best thing it has ever done.

Then it's opponents turn and I see that I have made a nice little line of my Mechanithralls and Assault Kommandos are sporting a flame thrower... Let's just say that the air smelled foul for the rest of the fight and there were no more Mechanithralls.

Assault Kommandos explode all over the place then, after Assault & Battery. They kill Necrosurgeon, Skarlock Thrall and Warwitch Siren on right. There is one Warwitch Siren still alive, but it's just out of picture on left.

I don't remember how badly Seether was beaten up, but I remember it wasn't completely wrecked. Useless maybe, but not a wreck just yet.

Another Juggernaut charged Erebus but missed its attack roll. Poltergeist pushed the warjack full 3" away.

Strakhov himself charged some remaining Mechanithrall and Sprinted away, and there was a tough choice of either going outside of Killbox and getting behind a wall or remaining inside Killbox without the benefit of cover. Cryx was not given Control Points.

Well, there was a possibility to assassinate Strakhov now, so of course I jumped at it. Erebus was allocated full 3 Focus.

Strakhov had been upkeeping Occultation on himself, so there would be no way to cast Telekinesis on him. But Mechanithralls could easily go away from Scaverous' charge lane and then the Lord Exhumator would be able to charge any and all models that were engaging Erebus, and then casting Telekinesis on Erebus and hoping Strakhov would be in Erebus' charge range.

First, however, there was a problem called Kayazy Eliminator in Scaverous' back arc.

Cryx applied somewhat unorthodox methods in getting rid of her. Warwitch Siren came in base to base contact with the Eliminator and used Seduction ability on her. Let's not go crazy over this one, shan't we?

After that everything proceeded as planned and Erebus was easily within charge range to Strakhov.

Erebus is an uncomfortable assassination jack. MAT 7 and two initial attacks and no extra focus management abilities mean only boosted charge attack roll and attack roll boost on second initial attack. But this time it was luckily enough and...

...and ...

My Scaverous won?! It was just too good to be true. Things like that just don't happen. Something was amiss...

Later during that same day I visited a friend, and her cat peed on my mobile phone, wrecking it with that particular source of corrosion. If these two events are somehow linked (as I believe they are) I will be afraid to win with Scaverous in the future. Fate is not to be defied. If Scaverous doesn't lose a great tragedy will fall upon me.

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