Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Explosion Comes

Today I played a game of When Darkness Comes.

It was a grand ending of scenarios from The Awakening. We played the last scenario, The Enemy of My Enemy, where heroes need to first kill Dubois, the Mega-Adversary and after that find a bomb he has set up to blow the entire town to bits.

For this scenario I hadn't made any changes in the form of D12, because the scenario looked challenging enough. And for two players I think it was, all things considered.

The game had an easy start when heroes raided the Gun Shop and got pistol and both shotguns. This time around it looked like my character would win here big time. She totaled an amazing amount of zombies with the new ranged attack rules from second expansion.

When things had gone to the point that the bomb was found and my character was going in to library to blast Dubois to smithereens, but then some unexpected things happened.

For starters, Dubois in fact blasted my character. She was killed. Absolutely.

And then... then it was left to the other hero to kill both Dubois and then, in two turns, actually "find" the bomb and then dismantle it. This character had less victory points than I did, and he was less proficient with ranged weapons than my character had been.

And he killed Dubois, though all this had resulted in two damage points to him.

So, bleeding as he was he ran to next building next turn where the bomb was and succeeded to find it (needed 3 straight). Then next turn, which was last turn, he succeeded to dismantle it (needed 4K to dismantle it).

All of this pretty much drained all of his victory points, but still. He managed to do it, despite the permanent injury from my characters death.

This was somewhat funny, as the player is moving out of town soonish. Good ending, I think

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