Monday, May 28, 2012

"But... this wasn't supposed to be out yet!" (Talisman)


Just before I went to watch Dark Shadows (good enough movie, by the way, though some things in it hurt like a ballpoint pencil through your frontal lobe) I went to local gaming shop.

There it was, The Blood Moon expansion for Talisman.

I didn't exactly have the money right now, but I still had to buy it.

I'm not sure if it was all the currency, but it looks like a nice change of game. Not as huge as Dragon, but not as lame as Ice Queen or Sacred Pool.

I'd also rate it to be a little bit better than Reaper, because it's a lot more common to face Werewolf even in just two player games.

A big complain, however, comes from the fact that there isn't big enough drawback of being a lycanthrope. You have to attack another player instead of encountering space when you enter a space where already is a player. Bonus being that, pretty much in all intent and purposes, you fight any enemy during day. Even if it's night.

I only quickly skimmed through spells and didn't actually even look at adventure cards.

Miniatures, again, get a big plus. They look very indeed when considered they're for a board game and made from cheap plastic.

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