Monday, April 25, 2016


Last Friday I played a 50 point practice game for the last Mk II tournament in which I'm going to participate.

My list was the same as earlier:

Deneghra the Soul Weaver
- Leviathan
- Nightmare
- Deathripper
- Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Satyxis Raiders + Sea Witch
Withershadow Combine
Ogrun Bokur
Pistol Wraith
Satyxis Captain
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
Soul Trappers

Opponent had:

Intercessor Kreoss
- Reckoner
- Crusader
- Revenger

Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Maximum unit of Holy Zealots + Monolith Bearer
Maximum unit of Temple Flameguard + Unit Attachment

Scenario was Close Quarters and Protectorate started game. I forgot the foams that had Satyxis in them back in my apartment, so Drudge Thralls enter the battlefield in chainmail bikinis and battle heels.

Deneghra has Grave Wind on herself. I was being paranoid about Warpath. Revenger had ran forward so that Kreoss could try to cast Crevasse on Satyxis Raiders. Attack missed. Revenger had Enliven on.

Kreoss dropped Holy Ward from Temple Flameguard, so Deneghra used her feat to cast Mortality on them. She also allocated three focus for Leviathan.

Satyxis Raiders charged Revenger and used Power Swell. Two Satyxis ran to block Enliven movement, but one would need to take free strike from Holy Zealot. Zealot missed. First Satyxis also scored Critical Knockdown. Two Satyxis Raiders had charged Temple Flameguard (and passed their command check!) and killed two. I could have easily charged a few Flameguards had I trusted Satyxis to score anything else but sub-par rolls. Oh well.

Pistol Wraith shot a couple of Flameguards down. Leviathan tried to shoot Kreoss a little bit, because there were no other targets. Holy Zealots had used Greater Destiny.

Next turn opponent was rolling dice pretty badly. I lost only about half of the Satyxis, including Sea Witch. Impressive amount of firepower that Leviathan had taken in had not broken any systems at all. Fire continuous effect burned Cortex, though.

Despite minor losses I still felt like I didn't have the correct tools to beat Protectorate.

Nicia had charged Pistol Wraith or something on the right side of the board. Nicia was Nightmare's prey, so I made it top priority to kill her, so I'd be able to switch Prey to Holy Zealots and charge Crusader. Pistol Wraith had a soul token from previous turn, so I trusted it to deal with Nicia. And it did score a hit with boosted attack roll - only the damage wasn't enough to kill her. Needed six on two dice. Meh.

I didn't abort my plan, though I guess it would have been the best course of action in this situation. I had been desperate in my attempts to kill even just a few enemy infantry models to get souls for Deneghra, but no. Somehow all but one soul managed to avoid the Trappers, and that had to go into focus for Nightmare. I couldn't figure any other way to kill Nicia than to cast Scourge on her via Deathripper and boost the damage roll. That killed her, but I felt like a camp of four would be too weak protection for Deneghra. So she didn't cast Mortality on Crusader - especially when I was unsure if I had brought the arc node close enough. Such problems won't exist in Mk3 any more I guess.

Anyway, Nigthmare then charged Crusader and I realised that it was just about the last model that was activating. Either it would get the job done, or nobody would.

Without Mortality and without Prey chances looked slim, so I didn't bother boosting damage. I just hoped I would destroy some important system. Main melee hand, cortex, something! Nope. Damage rolls were okay, slightly above average, but damaged columns were so scattered that not even Movement broke down.

Well. I still had Soul Trapper and Leviathan left to activate. Leviathan filled the Trapper with one Zealot soul. Yay.

Then, obviously, both of my heavy warjacks died.

Well. I guess I would assassinate Kreoss, then. Ghost Walking Deathripper advanced into position.

Kreoss had already been damaged by Feedback from Satyxis Raiders. The last Satyxis Raider actually tried to score one additional Feedback point by charging Reckoner in the back arc. It was a critical knockdown, but no damage in, so no Feedback either.

I wanted Maelovus and Admonia to try and cast Dark Fire on Kreoss, and Puppet Master for Deneghra. Maelovus couldn't get in range and Admonia didn't hit or do damage.

Deneghra activated and cast Mortality and Scourge on Kreoss via Deathripper. Scourge missed, so I needed to use Puppet Master re-roll there and not in the damage portion of the attack. And damage was something like 1,3,4.

With a good damage roll from Scourge and fully boosted spray from Deneghra's mount could have done it, albeit with good rolls only. After such a low roll I didn't have the faith in POW 10 spray to kill effectively Arm 18 Kreoss. Deneghra left the rest of her focus for armor boost. Def 17, Arm 19 against a warcaster, Reckoner and Crusader. Bring it on!

They brought it on, and Deneghra died.

Well. I pretty much lost when I charged with unsupported Nightmare. I should have just cast the Mortality and take in a couple of Reckoner shots. But I was afraid of a lot of things at that point. I was afraid of Warpath somehow getting Reckoner in melee with Deneghra, I was afraid of those two potential Reckoner shots, I was afraid of Fire continuous effect on Deneghra... Def 15/Arm 19-20 is a stressful vital statistics for a huge base warcaster.

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