Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And the last adventurer was slain in the Magic Room

During visit to Kuhmo we also got to play one four player game of Dungeon Lords.

One player hadn't played the game before, so we didn't use Festival Season, but we also didn't play it entirely with beginner rules. We used random inaccessible orders at the beginning, but that was it. Though we did use additional rule of the three paladin variant - which mattered very little, as nobody triggered any paladins in either year.

First year special event we lost half of our gold, which wasn't too bad - except for one player who received three dead letters because of that.

Second year we had Monster Strike, which turned monsters face down if you didn't pay one part of the monster's wage.

Four players wreaked surprisingly little havoc when it came to orders phase. A player didn't get a minion on a location perhaps only twice during whole game, so I guess playing with three players is a bit more challenging in this matter.

This was also the first game we played the "build rooms" order correctly. Tee hee. I hope that's the very last rule that's been played wrong.

In the end scores were 21, 10, 7 and 1. So everybody got their dungeon builders permit again!

But this was the last game of Dungeon Lords for this year.

I need to figure out a better way to write the dungeon lords, I'll probably try to write up the exact order of tax day/pay day/special events for every season from now on.

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