Monday, February 17, 2014

The Witching Hours

Huh, now, something needs to be done to this backlog of games.

So, here are the two games from almost two weeks ago.

Both were played with the same list against the same list.

Games were 25 points, and I was playing Cryx with following list:

Witch Coven of Garlghast
- Nightmare
- Ripjaw
- Deathripper

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon & stitch thralls
Warwitch Siren

And opponent had:

Lylyth, the Primal version
- Carnivean
- 2x Shredders

Maximum unit of Warspears + Chieftain
2x Strider Deathstalker
The Forsaken

In the first game scenario was Supply and Demand. Funny thing that a small based fury/focus 5 warcasters might actually dominate the center zone without opposing objective being destroyed.

I was a bit worried about the matchup, since Lylyth herself was able to ignore stealth, and scenario had Killbox going on.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, game ended rather quick.

I thought it'd be a worthwile piece-trade if I charged Nightmare to Carnivean and tie up most of enemy army next turn. Carnivean had been Nightmare's prey, and after Carnivean had bit the dust new prey was Lylyth herself.

Next turn legion of everblight rolls damage rolls against Nightmare rather poorly, and only movement and one arm blow up.

Three focus, Infernal Machine, Veil of Mists and Ghost Walk later Nightmare is right next to Lylyth and kills her. She had one or two focus for transfers, but a very common oversight didn't save the warlock - all of her warbeasts were maxed out on Fury.

Since the game was over so fast, we decided to play a new game.

Game 2:

Scenario was Incoming this time.

Game also lasted a lot longer now. In the first picture only one of the two Strider Deathstalkers are shown in the far left, but there they both are, flanking.

I was pretty sure that I'd be able to kill first one and then the other with Stygian Abysses, but that was not to be. Sometimes FOC 9 attacks miss, and sometimes POW 12 damage rolls don't quite kill arm 11 targets.

Also, sometimes you just run your arc nodes out of your 18" control area.

Well, anyway, Witch Coven's second turn was pretty normal - advance and use feat. This prompted a reaction from Legion I did not expect - they backed off a little. How annoying! Well, at least that gave me strong foothold to scenario game. I just rush everything forward next turn and combo-striking mechanithralls manage to destroy enemy objective. Deathripper in the picture is still hunting the Strider Deathstalkers...

Next Lylyth tried to shoot Nightmare to get automatic hits with spells, but dice are once again against any plans to wreck the bad dream. Lylyth then has to spend the precious Fury for a boost, and this time she manages to land a solid hit with Parasite.

Assaulting Carnivean and a rabid Shredder fail their damage rolls against Arm 15 Nightmare, though Lylyth's feat gives quite a number of hits. But there are only so many warjack systems you can break with an ample supply of 1's and 2's.

Warspears try to whittle down mechanithralls and contest Cryx zone. As an added insult the Necrosurgeon seems to be impervious to any and all attempts to damage her, so the actualy loss of mechanithralls aren't a big issue.

Witch Coven finally nails down the last Deathstalker after third round of trying. Nightmare loaded up with three focus kills both Carnivean and the Shredder with absurd damage rolls. A crapton of mechanithralls maul down the other Shredder too, and suddenly Lylyth doesn't have any warbeasts.

Warspears try to do one last defiant charge to take down Nightmare and anything else, but they don't do much. Game store was about to close by then, and we decided to end the game. Only an amazing turn of events could have won the game for Legion any more.

I still believe the match-up could have been a lot tougher, but the smaller the game point size is, the greater impact dice screw has. In both games Nightmare was the key piece that just refused to go down or even have any important systems broken to pieces. Granted, Nightmare's destruction in both situations wasn't 100% certain, I actually didn't expect it to go from full health to a wreck in one turn in either game. But without a cortex or loss of both arms in any of these games would have had a very different impact, and in both games damage done was enough to accomplish either one of these goals.

But why am I "if"fing? I guess I just feel a little bad by having the dice go in my favor for once. Weird. I doubt you should feel sorry about winning.

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